• KDS DEAD WEIGHT TESTER (AIR) (72.2222222222%)



Product description: Accuracy 0.005%, 0.01%, 0.02%, 0.05%

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Dead weight tester is the pressure measurement instrument that uses principle of hydrostatic equilibrium, i.e. is fluid pressure that effecting on the piston useful area keeps a balance with the weight of load. It generally consists piston system, special weight,pressure test device, and also composed corresponding air supply, vacuum pump (negative pressure measurement) and vacuum housing (absolute pressure measurement). The piston rod uses stainless steel material and cylinder uses ungsten carbide material, thus ensuring the piston has features of non-rust, wear-resistant and long service life.


  • High purity nitrogen as working medium, eliminating the lubricating oil viscosity, improving sensitivity and accuracy greatly;
  • sensitivity up to 10 mg.
  • Multi-level filter devices to prevent dust from entering piston and affecting measurement accuracy
  • With vacuum and positive pressure switch valve, can simultaneously access vacuum pump and nitrogen pump
  • Base is made of aluminum alloy; light weight, strong, and nice appearance
  • Reliable sealing

Technology Specification

  • Measuring range :KDQ-0.04(0.04-0.6)Mpa,KDQ-2.5(0.1~2.5)MPa,KDQ-4(0.1~4)MPa,

KDQ-6(0.1~6)MPa,KDQ-7 (0.1~10)MPa

  • Accuracy 0.005%, 0.01%, 0.02%, 0.05%
  • Piston material tungsten carbide
  • Weight material nonmagnetic metal
  • Working medium high purity nitrogen

Order Code Below


KDQ-6(0.1~6)MPa,KDQ-7 (0.1~10)MPa

Please point out the accuracy you need.

PS: instrument will not provide air source duiring shipping, the user needs to prepare prepare air sources  (2L/Sec.)

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