• MODEL 2000SP Humidity Calibrator (66.875%)

    MODEL 2000SP Humidity Calibrator


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Precision Humidity & Temperature Calibration System
The Model 2000SP is a low cost, high accuracy alternative to RH calibrations that use chilled mirror or 2-pressure systems, and is faster than procedures using saturated salts. The system incorporates advanced electronics and innovative approaches resulting in an overall improvement in performance and reliability.

      • Equilibrium of chamber temperature and RH less than 10 minutes
      • Chamber control probe maintains accurate calibration for 12 months
      • Accurate system calibration includes controllers and probe characteristics
      • Direct control readout of RH and temperature eliminates conversions or calculations
      • Precise control of RH and temperature using direct input from the internal probe
      • Lightweight and transportable for immediate in-plant and laboratory RH calibrations
      • Temperature compensated control probe means high accuracy over wide RH range
      • RS-485 output (optional) for computer control of automatic ramp and soak cycles.


Humidity Range @ 23C                                        10-92%RH (controlled range)
Temperature Range                                               10-50C (controlled range)
Accuracy of RH Control Probe@23C                   +/-1.0%RH (10-90%RH)**
Overall System Accuracy                                      +/-1.25%RH to +/-1.5%RH ***
Temperature Accuracy (15-30C)                          +/-0.2C or better
Chamber Humidity Stability @ 23C                      +/-0.2%RH
Chamber Temperature Stability @ 23C                +/-0.1C
Chamber Humidity Uniformity @ 23C                  +/-0.3%RH (10 to 90%RH)
                            @ 23C                                    +/-0.4%RH (>90%RH)
Chamber Temperature Uniformity @23C             +/-0.1C
Response Time @ 23C                                        5-7 minutes for 30%RH change
Temperature Rate of Change @ 23C                   1.0 degrees C/minute (decrease)
Temperature Rate of Change @ 23C (increase)    3.0 degrees C/minute (increase) 
Sampling Ports for External Flow                          Customer Controlled Flow Rate
Power Requirements                                            110/220VAC, 50/60 cycle
Mechanical Weight                                               26# (13kg)
              Weight (shipping)                                   30# (15kg) (shipping)
              Dimensions                                            18 W x 14.5 D x 8.5 H (45cm x 36cm x 21cm)

Output Signals                                                     Analog, 0-5V, RH and Temp
                                                                           RS-485 (optional add-on)
Calibration Door (basic standard)                        4-Port for Uniformity and Stability    
Reference Probe Calibration                                2-pressure Calibrated Probe
Chamber Calibration Adjustment                         2-pressure Calibrated Probe
Calibration Certification                                       NVLAP****