• AT42XX Handheld Multi-channel Temperature Meter (50%)

    AT42XX Handheld Multi-channel Temperature Meter

AT42XX Handheld Multi-channel Temperature Meter

AT42XX handheld multi-channel temperature meter adopts high-performance ARM micro processor, can collect multi-channel temperature data simultaneously and response quickly. AT4208 has the function of checking broken thermocouple, high/low beep function and communication transmission. Ultra-low power consumption and high density SMD assembly technology. True-color TFT liquid crystal display, keypad and touch screen double control. It is Li- battery powered. USB communication. Switch in both English and Chinese.
The standard computer software can realize the data analysis.

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Graduation Thermocouple:J/K/T/E/S/N/B/R
Accuracy 0.2%+1℃
Range -200C~1300C(variation depend on graduation)
Resolution 0.1C
Channels 2 / 4 / 8 channels
Speed Fast:100ms/channel Medium:500ms/channel Low:1s/channel
Correction Error correction for each channel
Comparator High & low beep function
Interface Mini-USB interface
ATS42 data acquisition software
Cold Junction Accuracy:0.5℃
2.8 inches True-color 16M TFT-LCD LCD display, touch screen, USB communication, compatible SCPI instruction set, switch in both English and Chinese;adjustable back light; automatic power off
Input:100-240V~50/60Hz 0.35A Output:9V 1A DC
Outside(mm):90 (Width)x190(Height)x31 (Depth) 400g
T thermocouple 2 / 4 / 8 teams(2m/team) ATL909: DC power adaptor ATL805: Lithium battery ATL105Mini-USB communication cable ATS42 data acquisition software

TFT-LCD True-color LCD display
touch screen
Fast,Medium,Low scanning speed
Cold Junction Compensation
Mini-USB interface
The function of broken thermocouple checking
ATS42 data acquisition software
8.4V, Li battery powered
Apply to home appliance,motors,heating appliance,temperature controller,transformer,oven,thermal protector,power supply,lighting,electric power,LED manufacturers,quality supervision department's requirements for multiple points measurement.