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Award winning USB DAQ system. Small, powerful and smart!


When your application requires a higher channel count than one DEWE-43, we have many options for expansion. Below are just a few examples. Contact your local Dewesoft sales organization to help find a solution for your custom configuration.

1 x 32 channel system

Use our SYNC BOX and USB hub to connect together up to four DEWE-43 units to form powerful 32 channel system. With external USB hub only 1 USB connection to computer is required. Of course you can also connect DEWE-43s directly to your multiple USB ports on your computer.

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Mixed signal acquisition

Picture below shows how you can mix and connect different Dewesoft instruments together for different signal types. Here two DEWE-43s and one 32-channel DS-NET system are connected together. The entire system forms:

  • 16 fast analog channels @ 24 bit, 200 kS/s per channel
  • 16 super-counters channels
  • 4 CAN 2.0b ports
  • 32 slow analog channels @ 24 bit, 2 kS/s per channel

Of course entire acquisition is perfectly synchronized no matter what data speeds are used in this configuration.

DEWE-43 mixed system

4 x 8 channel system

With Dewesoft's distributed data acquistion capabilities you can acquire synchronized data from multiple instruments at different locations at the same time. Picture below displays example 4 x 8 channel system used to acquire data with the help of Dewesoft's NET option.

DEWE-43 single solution
DEWE-43 single solution
DEWE-43 single solution
DEWE-43 single solution