• S100 Temperature and Humidity Data Logger (100%)

    S100 Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

S100 Temperature and Humidity Data Logger



S100 temperature humidity data logger developed by HUATO, which is featured wiht LCD display, elegant appearance, low energy consumption and multiple levels of accuracy. All the sensors are manufactured in Switzerlan, which assures quality and stability.



  • conCompact and portable desing.
  • conUSB interface, connect to PC to download data via USB cable
  • conOriginal sensor imported from America,adopt high sensitive sensors with fast response and higt accuracy.
  • conAutomatic Record function, mass storage function: 4,3000
  • conEasy to operate.
  • conEnergy saver: 2pcs AAA batteries can work for more than 3 months.
  • conRecorded data can be transferred to and analyzed by accompanied LogPro software
  • conDimensions: 92mm * 57mm * 20mm(3.62"*2.24"*0.78inch)
  • conLCD size: 36mm *16mm(1.41"*0.62")
  • conDeviation calibration instrument.
  • S100-EX-400

    Model No.: S100-EX

  • S100-TH

    Model No.: S100-TH

  • s100-TH_400

    Model No.: S100-TH+


Model list
Model S100-TH S100-EX S100-TH+ S100-EX+ S100-EX++
Temperature Accuracy ±0.5℃ ±0.3℃ ±0.2℃
Humidity Accuracy ±5%RH ±3%RH ±2%RH
Temperature Measurement Range -20~+70℃ -40~+85℃ -20~+70℃ -40~+85℃
Humidity Range 0~100%RH
Sensor type Interna External Interna External
Resolution 0.1°C / 0.1%RH
Automatic Recording Capacity 4,3000
Battery AAA Battery 1.5V*2
Typical battery life 6 months
Waterproof level IP54
Logging rate Logging rate
Weight 150g
Standard Accessories Battery, user manual, software,USB cable

LogPro Software interface


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Widely applied in electronics, food industry,warehousing, textile industry, incubator and scientific research,etc.
食品 运输 冰箱

Standard accessories

  • dianchi


  • dianchi

    User manual

  • 数据线

    USB cable

  • 软件光盘

    LogPro Software