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Scanner device with precision measuring instrument 

  Possible areas of application

SIKA temperature calibrators can be used everywhere, including on site in workshops, test and measurement rooms as well as laboratories. They cover a broad spectrum of industries with diverse applications.

  • Assembly and commissioning
  • Manufacturing and production
  • Maintenance and service
  • Quality assurance and test equipment monitoring
  • Repair

Checking groups of temperature sensors can be automated by extending your SIKA calibrator with a TT-Scan unit and calibration software.

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Technical features

Equipment features

  • 32 x 4 mm connections free of thermal voltage
  • Connection for external calibration reference sensor
  • External cold junction available
  • Serial USB data interface, incl. USB data cable

Refer to our datasheet for compatible test objects


  • Aluminium transport case
  • test & calibration software
  • DKD certificate
  • SIKA works certificate
  • external calibration reference sensors